Check Out The Juicing Program That Joe Cross Recommends

Joe Cross lost over 100lbs when he set off on a trip across America with just his juicer in his backpack he documented his journey in the film Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Joe is now endorsing a brand new juicing program called ‘Juicing for Fat Loss‘ which will help you to lose the fat, detox your body and get into the best shape of your life.  It’s the only program that Joe recommends and hundreds of people are already reporting their successes over on the Juicing for Fat Loss website.  Juicing has been shown to do much more that just help you lose weight it also helps you to eliminate toxins from your body and gives you loads more energy making you feel fantastic from the inside out. Click here to visit the website and find out more about the program.

Here’s what Joe had to say about the program…


Click here to read more on the Juicing for Fat Loss Website

Controversial Diet Tip That Creates Amazing Results

Check out this video it covers some pretty compelling stuff, and I’ll bet what it talks about is something you have never considered when trying to lose weight. If you understand this then you will have a much better chance of getting the weight off and importantly keeping it off.


We’ve heard loads of really positive reviews from people who have had success with this. However what it covers has never been talked about by traditional dieticians or weight loss gurus, this is really new stuff.

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Paleo Smoothies for Weight Loss Offer The Biggest Health Benefits

If you are trying to lose weight and want to know more about using smoothies to help you achieve your goals then read on because this article will really help you.

The Paleo diet is a type of diet that focuses on eating foods as close to their natural state as possible. Some call it the caveman diet as you essentially eat what we used to live on thousands of years ago. So that means no processed foods, or anything out of a tin, jar or packet. It is not only an effective way to lose weight but it also helps you to detox your body and gain lean muscle, and the overall health benefits are much better than traditional low calories diets.

Paleo diet smoothies offer muscle-building, fat burning, brain boosting, and mood-enhancing benefits for living a longer leaner life. Drinking a Paleo Diet Smoothie daily will help you to become stronger, healthier, more energetic, younger looking, wiser, smarter and more disease resistant. Paleo Smoothies help you to attain your ideal weight and achieve balanced energy throughout the day.

Here is an example smoothie for you to try…

The Wake Up Your Brain Smoothieberries
1 banana
1 cup frozen blueberries
1/4 cup pistachios
1 teaspoon
Omega 3 fish oil
1 cup strawberries
1 cup filtered water
3 ice cubes
Dash of tarragon

This is a really good breakfast smoothie which will set you up for the day. The recipe was taken from the Paleo Diet Smoothies Recipe book, which has over 200 Paleo Smoothie recipes to try out, you can download a copy here.

Top Smoothie Tips for Best Results

Almond Joy SmoothieIf you are interested in using smoothies for weight loss then you will want to read my top tips to help you get the most out of your new diet plan.

  1. Replacing your breakfast with a nutritious smoothie will boost your metabolism and keep you feeling full until lunch time.
  2. Creating Smoothies from fresh raw fruit and veg using super foods whenever possible will boost your overall health giving you clear skin, healthy hair and nails. It will also help your internal organs to operate at their optimal level helping you to feel really good inside and out.
  3. Use soy, whey or soy protein for even bigger results. A New York Obesity Research Center carried out a study which revealed that people who drank soy-based smoothies lost three times more weight than those who had the same amount of calories in food. In a 90 day trial they found that those who used smoothies as a meal replacement lost weight five times fast than those on a regular diet.
  4. Always make your own smoothies from all natural ingredients, don’t go for shop bought ones which can be really high in calories.
  5. Drink your smoothie as soon as you make it, they don’t store very well so just make up one drink at a time.
  6. You use smoothies for weight loss by replacing a meal with a smoothie. You can replace breakfast, or breakfast and lunch if you want faster results. Then make sure you eat a healthy evening meal.
  7. Remember to diet sensibly, if you make your daily calorie count too low it can work against you with your body going into survival mode and storing more fat. If you lose weight gradually you are more likely to keep it off.
  8. For maximum results add in some exercise too. If you hate exercise just try to do more walking or take the stairs rather than the elevator. Just make an effort to become more active. You should find you have more energy because of all the good nutrients you are getting from your smoothies.

So there you have it my top tips for getting the biggest results when using smoothies as a meal replacement. If you take each of these tips on board you will start to see the weight drop off easily.

How to Use Smoothies for Weight Loss

~ Green Goddess Smoothie ~So maybe your wondering what all this is about and how smoothies can help you lose weight. Well using smoothies for weight loss is very simple really you basically make really healthy nutritious smoothies from fresh raw fruits and vegetables and use these smoothies as meal replacements for one or two meals a day. You then have a healthy normal evening meal and drink plenty of water.

By doing this you will be feeding your body all the vitamins and minerals it needs and allowing your body to detox itself and flush out any toxins from eating too much processed food.

Because you are getting all the benefits of these natural, fresh, raw foods you will find you have more energy, you sleep better, your skin, hair and nails will look better. You overall health will improve and you will start to look as good as you feel. Smoothies are also easy on the stomach and aid digestion.

Smoothies for Weight Loss Meal Replacement

Its really easy to get started you basically just need to buy yourself a blender and get some good smoothie recipes and then start replacing your breakfast with a smoothie.

You should start seeing results in a matter of weeks.

For even bigger results you could consider replacing both your breakfast and lunch with a smoothie and then having a proper evening meal. If you are doing this though you should work out the amount of calories you are having each day and what you need in relation to your BMI, because if you drop it too low your body will work against you and start storing fat. This will slow your weight loss down to a halt.

If you drink plenty of water throughout the day this will also aid your weight loss and help detox your body.

And add in some exercise it doesn’t have to be hard you could just start walking more or taking the stairs, anything that gets you to be more active than you are right now. It’s good to find something you enjoy rather than putting yourself on a grueling exercise plan only to give up after a few days. So try to think of an active hobby or sport that you enjoy and set your mind to do a little bit every week.

Take a look at some of our smoothies for weight loss recipes to get started here.

How to Make a Weight Loss Smoothie

There are loads of recipes for smoothies, here is a nice example. We will be adding more soon so keep checking back.